Lightbox Lumilite

Simple. Quick. Unlimited.

Lumilite is the graphics' lighting system that uses an innovative LED strip positioning concept. It combines practicality, lightness, low consumption, extreme brightness and vibrance of the image, reduced thickness of the frame and no dimensional limit.
Each panel built in our laboratories in Italy - entirely by hand - guarantees high quality standards and is subjected to accurate functionality tests.
The exclusive Lumitex® fabric, together with the high definition UV printing, allows for brilliant and incredibly vibrant colors.
The install of the fabric with silicone keder allows a quick replacement of the graphics, guaranteeing perfect tensioning, without the need for tools or disassembly of the frame.

Lightbox - Lumilite


Up to 7000Lux, uniform for all dimensions.
Unparalleled lighting across the entire surface.
No shadows. No hotspots. No compromise.


Quick and easy panel assembly.
The silicone keder allows the graphic replacement in the blink of an eye and without the need for tools.

Unmatched Colors

Thanks to our latest generation UV printers and to our proprietary printing profiles, we deliver strikingly vivid images.


With a consumption of only 20 W/m2, Lumilite is the greenest lightbox on the market. The high intensity LEDs guarantee low consumption by minimizing the environmental impact.


Our profiles are designed for quick and easy installation. From 45 to 120mm thick, single or double-sided. A complete range to satisfy every need, without dimensional limits.

Light as a Feather

The Lumilite frame weighs only 6 kg/m2, less than half of traditional LED lightboxes.
Its lightness allows it to be mounted anywhere, like a simple painting.

Lightbox Lumilite Edge

The Lumilite Edge perimeter lighting system is ideal for single and double-sided installations.
Custom designed power supplies are integrated into aluminium profiles, eliminating shadows and halos.
The exclusive Lumitex® fabric, together with the high definition UV printing, allows for brilliant and incredibly vibrant colors.
Easy to install, it does not require the intervention of trained personnel, making assembly and shipping quick and convenient.

Lightbox - Lumilite

High intensity LED modules

The high power LED modules guarantee a superior and intense brightness allowing a significant energy saving.


A wide and complete range of accessories makes Lumilite perfect for every need.


The ease of assembly makes Lumilite Edge practical to transport disassembled, making it ideal for temporary installations.

What's your project idea?

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